Wedding cakes

Weddings are the most beautiful and unforgettable times in anybody’s life. But to achieve the perfect day, there are many things to consider: outfit and hair, right location, good food and, of course, the wedding cake.

Wedding cakes have become a firm fixture in every wedding celebration and simply have to be there on the “big day”. Each couple-to-be has to make the decision which type of cake they want at their wedding.

Traditional, several tiers and round, or maybe something a little more unusual? There are nowadays many types of wedding cake and more and more couples are looking for an individually tailored cake with that little extra something.

A traditional wedding cake is white to represent purity, just like the wedding dress itself. Some also say that a true wedding cake simply must contain marzipan. Marzipan is made from sugar, almonds and rose oil, which stand for happiness and love, for the bad times that have to be overcome together and the passion in the relationship. Even the act of cutting into the wedding cake has its own special meaning: the partner who makes the first cut into the cake is said to be the one who will be in charge, so-to-speak, of the relationship.

Say YES to the perfect cake, which MURAUER will create exactly in line with your wishes. The only decision you will have to make alone is who will cut the cake.

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