Company History

The two brothers, Felix and Josef Murauer, are the founders of the modern-day Murauer companies. Their mother – Frieda Murauer – a passionate cook and baker until her death at 98 years old, ran the Hentschlhof in Innsbruck for many years and instilled the appreciation of quality demonstrated by her two sons to this day.

Josef Murauer then undertook official training and worked in prestigious confectioneries in Vienna, Baden-Baden and England following his master’s examination.

After marrying into the Walburga family from Ochtrup in Germany in 1960, he opened his first small-scale pasrty shop, or Conditorei, in Fulpmes am Kirchplatzl, Austria. The next year saw the arrival into the world of today’s managing director, Philipp Murauer. His sister Christl was born in 1968 and now runs a physiotherapy centre in Fulpmes with her husband.

In 1962, Josef Murauer acquired the old nail smithy next to the bridge of the Schlicker river and transformed it into a pastry shop with a large bakery. In the following year, he relocated the café and confectionary to the new site and constructed a large sun terrace.

After the premature death of his father in 1954 and completing his studies in hotel management and economics, his older brother Felix took over his parents’ 12-bed “Feldheim” B&B in Igls, Austria. This is where he came to meet his future wife, an Englishwoman called Janet. They married in 1957 and welcomed their daughter Lydia to the world in 1958, their first son Marcus in 1960 (now managing director of the Murauer company), their second son Stefan in 1965 and their third son Andreas in 1972.

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The B&B was continually expanded over the years and had the capacity to accommodate 36 guests by 1969. The success of the company was also very much down to the outstanding cuisine of their mother, Frieda Murauer.

During the time in Igls, the trained economist, Felix Murauer, was also the manager of the Igls resort and later also a member of the Innsbruck municipal council.

In 1970, the two brothers decided to open a joint pastry shop in Innsbruck thereby laying the foundation stone for the companies we see today. It involved selling their former operations and buying a plot of land in Neurum for the construction of bakery facilities and an office. The first café “Caramelle” was then leased in the city of Innsbruck in Anichstraße. Over the coming years, more outlets were opened: Cafe Cardinal in Adamgasse, Cafe Theresia (formerly Clara) in M.- Theresienstraße, Cafe City in Meinhardstraße, Cafe Capriccio in Museumstraße, as well as a café in Hall and our Gartencafe in Neurum; in December one of our managing directors, Philipp Murauer also runs a proprietary café (Cafe Melange).

The first apprentice of Josef Murauer, namely Josef Mair, was taken on as partner and baker’s office manager upon the joint founding of the company.

Today, the Murauer companies are directed by the two sons, Markus and Philipp. Markus, son of Felix Murauer and trained economist who was in charge of personnel and administrative duties, followed in the footsteps of his father and continues to fulfil these duties after graduating from a commercial academy and studies in economics. His wife Gerhild Murauer works in the area of marketing. As for Phillip, son of Josef Murauer the master baker, he worked in various companies in Bad Ischl and Switzerland and completed his master’s examination and now leads Purchasing and takes care of kitchen/bakery affairs, ice production and industrial production of Sachertorten cakes.

Today, the group of companies comprises 8 subsidiaries (6 in Innsbruck, 1 in Neurum and 1 in Hall) and the administrative office with bakery and production employs around 100 staff.